Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Reconnect with Nature - one photograph at a time

{reconnect with nature}

A community of like minded people who see the value in understanding and appreciating the natural world.  Each week we step outside, find some nature, photograph it and learn something about it to share with others.  Just a few sentences about the tree you’ve photographed, or the bird you've seen, or how you’re noticing the seasons changing is all you need and together we'll reconnect with nature, one photograph at time.
 Read more about the Reconnect with Nature - one photograph at a time idea here.
Passionfruit flowers - in our backyard
In our backyard we have two passionfruit vines growing on a trellis that Dan made over some of our animal enclosures. The vines have been in the ground a couple of years now, and they've been my first experience with growing passionfruit.
It's really interesting watching the vines grow, and eventually take over the trellis.  We watch the flowers form, be pollinated by the local bees (introduced and native) and then set fruit. 
I can't get over the flowers - l don't think l've ever seen anything like them before.
The first photo was taken early in the morning when the flowers were still closed, and then by the afternoon when l returned they were all open. Dan said before l took the second photo, the flowers were covered with native bees - no problems with pollination here!
Apparently if a flower is not pollinated within a few days they will fall off the vine, and Dan mentioned if we get rain a few hours after they close they tend to fall off then too.
With the amount of fruit we have on the vine already, looks like we're in for a bumper crop.  Look out for some passionfruit recipes coming up on the blog!
Hope you've all had a wonderful week, and had a chance to reconnect with nature at some point.  Looking forward to seeing your photographs.


  1. Beautiful plants! I could spend hours photographing those flowers. Lucky you....passionfruit growing in your own back yard!

  2. You Australians and your crazy flora and fauna - awesome! Looking forward to seeing the fruit.

  3. Hi Chrissy, I just found your site a few days ago and really love the concept of this weekly link up sharing nature pics. I actually am just up the road from you in the Northern Rivers and look forward to joining you here as I love taking photos of our beautiful part of the country especially the birds and wildlife that frequent our home. I have really enjoyed reading some of your older posts too! TFS Danie xx