Saturday, 19 April 2014

15 on the 15th - April, 2014

15 photos of my day on the 15th of the month

Every month Tracy Larsen shares 15 photos of her day on the 15th. It's a great, easy-to-achieve memory keeping/photography prompt, and since August last year l've joined in. You can see my photos from previous months here.
The 15th of April was a Tuesday and it ended up being quite a different sort of day.  Because it was school holidays, Bella was staying with her Granny Annie. Since she was away, l worked back late in an attempt to get on top of things at work.  For the most part Tuesday was just a long and very busy day at work. The drive home was quite extraordinary though.  I didn't realise but it was a lunar eclipse that night, and l drove home under the light of a red moon.  There was a strange encounter on the drive home with an unfortunate end, which you'll read more about below. What a day it turned out to be!  
A shot of our front garden and mail box before l drive out the driveway.

At my work desk - essentials include my glasses, desk calendar and my mug.

A cup of tea to kick start the day.  

 A message from Granny Annie to say they've arrived home safe.

The best way to proof anything - reading a hardcopy whilst standing up. Here l'm proof reading the conference proceedings.  

The garden/jungle outside my office, l always look up at the massive Staghorn fern as l walk past. 

 Lunch is almost always leftovers from the night before.

 Still working away at my desk.
One of the best features in my office is this painting that l'm babysitting for a friend.  

Going home late, it's after 6pm!

Driving home l come across a lady who had just hit an echidna with her car.  She was distraught and the echidna was in a really, really bad way.  I did my best to console her and wrapped the echidna up in a blanket.

When home l could see that the echidna had been fatally injured with no prospect of recovery. The decision was made to euthanase immediately.  

After all that drama, l got to take a photo of the final stages of the lunar eclipse.  Couldn't help but think it was one of the strangest trips home l'd ever had.  A red moon and a strange encounter with a lady and echidna on the side of the road.

After dinner, it's time to feed Olaf the echidna puggle we're handraising.  It's the best way to end the day, and helps with the awfulness of rescuing the injured adult.  

Head down, nose in the dish busy drinking over 250ml of echidna milk.  Olaf doing what he does best! 


  1. Wow what a day! Sorry about your encounter on the way home. Such a loving and caring heart you have. Hugs. xo

  2. Well, Chrisy, there was no better person to find that lady on the side of the road! How strange! Glad you could end the suffering and that the lady cared enough to not just drive away. What a cute scene - an echidna on the kitchen table!

  3. I'm so so glad you are doing this too!!! Love your photos. Your day seems so much different than mine! I love it!! (Is the animal you are raisin glide a porcupine????)

  4. I do believe you were meant to be on that road, at that time, for the echidna. Thankfully you were there, under the red moon, to help at the end of its life. So sorry that is the way it turned out, but so glad you could be there for the poor animal.
    Hugs to you for doing what you do. xx