Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Introducing December Daily 2013

For some of you, you’ll know what this post is about just from the title.  December Daily is a memory keeping project created by the super talented Ali Edwards, which has taken the scrapbooking/memory keeping world by storm.

The concept is simple enough, from the 1st of December until Christmas Day you document an aspect of your day.  Some days it will be holiday related, but it could also be an everyday moment such as running errands or transporting children.  You can be sure that trips to see Santa, decorated Christmas trees and fairy lights all feature throughout the month.  It’s all about capturing the magic and joy that is the holiday season.

At one level, December Daily is a memory keeping project.  You record and preserve memories for you, or others, to look back upon.

But increasingly these memory keeping projects mean more to me, and l wanted to share what l’ve noticed.

The act of recording your routines, traditions and activities makes you more conscious of how you spend your time.  Without a doubt, since l started to doing December Daily l am more conscious of how we spend our time in the lead up to Christmas.  Over the past few years l’ve intentionally included more meaningful holiday activities into our month as a result. 

Spending time recording each day gives you time to pause and reflect.  Rather than the month being a blur of activity, after activity, the special moments of each day are identified and recorded.  This has such a wide range of benefits, but most of all it leaves me feeling grateful for all the wonderful things in our life – big, small, routine and special. 

December Daily is about celebrating the season, finding the joy and being thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives - Ali Edwards

This will be my third year of December Daily, and to be honest l haven’t succeeded in actually recording every day.  It’s the busiest time of year, enough said.  But l've taken many photos and spent time reflecting.  If l get a few pages done as well, even better.  I’m pretty relaxed about that, but am obviously hoping to get as many pages done as l can this year. 

My best motivation for doing this project is looking back at the memories l have recorded from the past two year.  Here are a few of the pages that really stand out to me, not because they are pretty or use the latest product, but because they mean something. 

Please click on the images below to see them in more detail.

Sunday 4th December, 2011

Thursday 8th December, 2011

Friday 9th December, 2011

 Sunday 2nd December, 2012

Tuesday 4th December, 2012

Friday 14th December, 2012

Saturday 15th December, 2012

And thanks to my assistant this morning, our resident one-eyed Magpie who came down to see exactly what l was doing.



  1. I hadn't heard of December Daily, but it looks like a great idea-and lots of fun. The memories you have made are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Mia, your kind words really do mean a lot to me. Whilst December Daily is a scrapbooking/memory keeping project, you could use the concept in different ways like journaling or photography..... it really is a lot of fun :)

  2. That's so true....recording memories does give you time to pause and reflect, to see how things and people change, and to see how we change too. It's also true that you become more conscious about how you spend your time. Looking back at the photos and written memories reminds us of what is truly important.

    Sorry to read about your dad, that was obviously a hard time for you.

    And finally, good thing your magpie assistant was there to lend a hand, or a wing!
    Hope you're having a great weekend! xx

    1. Sure does Julie, anything that slows life down for a while so you can reflect and remember is a good thing. The world could do with a bit more of that l reckon.
      Thanks for your kind words about Dad. Last year marked the 25th anniversary of his death, which feels like an absolute life time ago......

  3. I can't wait to hear about your December Daily process. I thought about joining in but decided to go with Tracey Clark's Picture the Holidays instead. I took her Picture Everyday class and I loved what it did to the way we were living. We lived much slower and more purposeful when I paid attention to what I was photographing.

    1. Thanks Stacey.
      Hope you enjoy Tracey's class, l haven't participated in one of hers yet. Will you be posting your photos on your blog? It would be great to see what you get up too. Happy December!