Thursday, 30 October 2014

Week In The Life - Thursday 30 October

{week in the life}
  Week In the Life is an annual project that captures the simple, everyday details of life in photos and words.  Developed and led by the wonderful Ali Edwards, this week l’ll be celebrating and acknowledging our life right now.  Read more about this project here

My alarm goes off at 6am every morning, apart from Sunday's.  Rather than a repetitive beep, l wake to our local ABC radio station.

It's been a long week already, and this morning someone was still asleep when l got up.

I notice that the flowers l bought at the local Farmers Markets last week are still going strong.

Gosh my beautiful little girl is growing up.  Here she is making her own toast again.

 When l get outside l notice that there is still some mist coming off the river. I think that it could be a sign of another hot day.

 Meet Buddy and Bella our pet birds.  Both were lost pets, and were brought to us because people thought they were wild.  We tried to reunite both of them but couldn't locate their owners.  That was 13 years ago now.

 And my big girl Katie, who turned nine the other week.

And Max the wonder dog.

 The view from the backseat, courtesy of Bella. Mental note - put both hands on the wheel Chrisy!

 The morning drop off at school.

 Around to the bag racks outside her classroom, and then take out her communication folder to put in the tub near the front door.

 And then put your bag in the right spot on the rack.

 After work l fill up, l usually only get fuel once a week when l go late night grocery shopping.

 Ok, so this shot and the ones following are probably more an indication of how blindly l will follow Ali's lead.  She took some really great self timer shots of her shopping on Monday.  Only difference is that when she went the supermarket it looked empty. Me? I'm doing this late night Thursday shopping, peak time in the supermarket people.

 When l noticed l had an aisle to myself l quickly whipped out my iPhone, put it on silent and set up the shot.  I really do love these shots, as they add a big dose of everyday reality to the project.  This is what l look like shopping, and l do this every Thursday night.

 But...l'm mad, really. Could you imagine if someone saw me? I smiled imagining women all over the USA, and probably the world following Ali's lead and taking self timer shots in the supermarket and worrying about the same thing.

After shopping l pick up this fellow. He's a Tawny Frogmouth that another wildlife carer is looking after, but she's going away for the weekend.  We'll be 'Tawny sitting' until Monday when she returns.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Week In The Life - Wednesday 29 October

{week in the life}
  Week In the Life is an annual project that captures the simple, everyday details of life in photos and words.  Developed and led by the wonderful Ali Edwards, this week l’ll be celebrating and acknowledging our life right now.  Read more about this project here

Today started with Bella wanting to make her breakfast for the first time ever.  As soon as she woke up she headed straight to the kitchen and start pulling things out.  Then came into our bedroom and asked how to heat her baked beans in the microwave.  This photo is of her writing down instructions on how to use microwave - her idea. 

And then she made her own toast and buttered it.

My favourite photo of the day.  Inspired by Ali's self-timer photos from Monday.  Here l am in my satin, oriental robe, with my workboots on with no socks.  When l checked the photo out after taking it, l laughed at myself. Glamorous indeed. I obviously rock in the mornings. 

And these little guys spent their first night outside last night.  All seemed to have survived the experience ok.

Admire a rose in my flower garden.

I've included this one for my mother-in-law.  From the veranda l call out "Bella, time to leave the baby chickens and get ready for school".  It's genetic isn't it Ann?

Now that l am showered and dressed properly for work, l make a string apple for Bella to eat in the car.

Grab a uniform from Bella's wardrobe.

And we're out the door and down the stairs in record time this morning. Amazing.

On the way into school l stop and take a photo of my favourite view.  You can normally see forever, but today the horizon is clouded in haze from the heat and smoke from bushfires.

Home again after another big day at work.  I'm feeling tired this week, there's a lot going on at the moment and l'm travelling for work next week.

Get started in the kitchen by unpacking the dishwasher.

Help Dan with dinner, as they're home late from jazz dance lessons this afternoon.

The pantry.

Watching Disney's Tangled on the portable DVD player after dinner.

While l plan our meals for the week, and write my shopping list.

Reconnect with Nature - one photograph at a time

{reconnect with nature}

A community of like minded people who see the value in understanding and appreciating the natural world.  Each week we step outside, find some nature, photograph it and learn something about it to share with others.  Just a few sentences about the tree you’ve photographed, or the bird you've seen, or how you’re noticing the seasons change is all you need and together we'll reconnect with nature, one photograph at time.
 Read more about the Reconnect with Nature - one photograph at a time idea here.

Grey-headed Flying Fox (Pteropus poliocephalus)

In last week's Reconnect with Nature post l mentioned that flying foxes have been feeding on the Silky Oaks in our backyard.  Kim from Mothering with Mindfulness suggested it would be fun to share more about these amazing animals, and l was surprised that l hadn't done that yet. 

Gosh, what an oversight!  Flying foxes really are an animal close to my heart, l think because l'm always gunning for the underdog....and underdogs they certainly are.

Flying foxes are large megabats and interestingly the only mammal capable of sustained flight.  They're nocturnal and use their good sense of smell and good eyesight to find their way around and search for food. Their preferred food is pollen, nectar and fruit from native trees and shrubs. During the day, flying fox roost in communal camps.

The North Coast of New South Wales is home to three different species of flying fox: the Little Red, Black and Grey-headed Flying Fox.  All species are important pollinators of Australia’s native plants, including our iconic eucalypts. The Grey-headed Flying Fox is of particular importance as it is listed as a threatened species at the state, national and international level.  

The sobering statistics

  • The Grey-headed Flying Fox, once considered an abundant species with numbers estimated in the many millions has a current population of less than 400,000.  
  •  A 30% decline has occurred in the population of Grey-headed Flying Foxes between 1989 and 2001.  In our state of New South Wales the population has dropped from 500,000 in 1989 to 80,000 by 1996. 

As temperatures soared earlier this week, all eyes were on the local flying fox camps. 

Flying foxes are a tropical or sub tropical species, so they are used to sustained high temperatures but accompanied with high humidity – which generally restricts temperatures from going over 35 degrees Celsius.

Since 1928, NSW’s flying foxes have been slowly expanding their range southward.  The reason for this movement is not clear, but experts believe that coastal habitat destruction and food shortages may have forced animals to move further afield. Now that flying foxes have expanded their range into southern Australia, they are dealing with a greater range of temperatures, including on occasion extremely hot, dry weather.  

There is general agreement amongst the experts that climate change will lead to an increase in the frequency, intensity and duration of temperature extremes and this is likely to pose a significant threat to threat to the survival of this vulnerable species and the important ecosystem services it provides.

Unfortunately since 1994, over 30,000 flying-foxes (including at least 24,500 Grey-headed Flying Fox) were killed during 19 heat exhaustion events.  

Thankfully the predicted extended period of hot weather didn't eventuate and no heat related deaths were recorded locally.

But it's going to be another long hot summer for these beautiful animals as they cling on for survival.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Week In The Life - Tuesday 28 October

{week in the life}
  Week In the Life is an annual project that captures the simple, everyday details of life in photos and words.  Developed and led by the wonderful Ali Edwards, this week l’ll be celebrating and acknowledging our life right now.  Read more about this project here

Making toast for breakfast as Bella has fun with the camera's auto timer. 

Our lunch boxes and drink bottles ready for the day.

A shot of Bella's bedroom door.

This morning l had to do some errands downtown for work.  First stop, Officeworks.

Then the local printery.

And then finally to work.

Love this sign, makes me smile every time l drive past it. And yes, we really do have koalas!

At the end of another big day, l walk to my car ready to go home.

Bella's new lot of home readers for the week.

Bella and Dan (l really need to get more shots of him this week) reading one of her home readers.

Homework back from school.

Getting some mint ready for dinner.

Watermelon, mint, onion and haloumi salad.  Perfect for dinner after another warm day.

with lime, chilli and mint chicken tenderloins.

Eating dinner out on the veranda again.

And this was my attempt of getting a shot of the three of us eating dinner.  You can see l've got my work cut out for me!